Being Future Ready

Devyani Mungali | Sanskriti School

We work towards bringing about a holistic development of the children, who are entrusted to our care.
Most children joining school now are likely to enter the work force in 2030 or later. The rapidly changing work and life environment has made the conventional models of school education (relying on rote and impersonal methods of teaching) redundant.
The founder members of Sanskriti School, also eminent educationists started the school with the following core values.

  1. To have a personal connect between children, teachers and parents and working like partners to understand the unique needs of all our children.
  2. To give children access to world class facilities and a programme which will help them develop confidence, courage and creativity and not only rely on mere bookish knowledge.
  3. To work hard towards preparing our children for a future where new technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality & more will equip our children with very different skills compared to most conventional schools.
  4. To develop good values in our children and so that they become good human beings who are happy, content and responsible members of the society.

All of the above is only possible when parents and school work like equal partners with transparency and faith in each other. It is only possible for the child to achieve his/her full potential when both sets of mentors (parents and teachers) are working with respect for each other’s views and efforts.

Founder Members

Sanskriti School has been started by eminent educationists and professionals to create a loving and happy environment where the children are at the center of all considerations.

Mrs. Devyani Mungali
Founder and Director

Mr. Chandrakant Dikshit
Founder and Director

Dr. Girija Shanker Mungali
Founder and Director

Our Philosophy

No two children are alike and our systems and processes are aligned to a personalized educational experience where the unique strengths of each child can be moulded and given full vent by the school.

Sanskriti School | personalized educational experience

The ability to regulate one’s own emotions and manage successful interactions with other people is key for later academic performance, mental health, and social relationships.

Sanskriti School | Children’s emotional development

Children’s emotional development is built into the architecture of their brains.

Sanskriti School | Our Philosophy

We believe in a holistic model of education and are strong believers in the methodology and prescriptions of the Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University.