VR Lab

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) is nowadays dominating our old education system. It gives students the opportunity to learn, explore and understand the complex subjects easily. However, it encourages active participation of students rather than passivity
Catering to change needs to education
Well equipped VR Lab with 30 VR gears in each of our campuses.
New age immersive learning, so that the students get a realistic feel of the subject they are learning
Learning content provided by Google.

Sanskriti School receives Clean & Green School Award from Kirloskar Foundation


Health and hygiene are an important part and parcel of the school. We firmly believe that the success is proportional to health. The premises is kept clean always and the taken care very minutely.

  • Kirloskar foundation awarded school for 2 years in a row for most green and clean school of Pune.
  • Clean washrooms and other facilities.
  • Highest standards of health and hygiene are taught and practiced.