Having trouble filling the Online Enquiry Form?

Yes, a Gmail account is required for filling up the Enquiry form. We request you to create a temporary one.
The Enquiry Forms are compatible with the following browsers:

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Windows : Internet Explorer 11, Microsoft Edge
  • Mac: Safari
  • No. One Email ID can be used only for one applicant.
  • Parents must create a different account for a new applicant / another child and for twins / 2 children.
  • E.g. Applying using the Father’s Gmail account for 1 child and applying using the Mother’s Gmail account for another child.
No, the Enquiry form needs to be filled completely with the attachments in one go. Please ensure you have about 20 minutes to fill the Enquiry form.
The Online Enquiry Form would be accessible by clicking the ADMISSION PROCEDURE button on the School Website.
Yes, you can upload multiple files in 1 document type. You can use this feature to upload the front and back of a Report Card or any other document for that matter.

The size of the documents can be up to 5 MB and document type would be PDF.

In case you are applying for Pre-Primary (Nursery, LKG / Jr. KG or UKG / Sr. KG or Class 1) and don’t have a report card, send a photo of any artwork or writing task done by the child.

In case you are applying for Classes II onwards and you don’t have the report card of this term / this Academic Year, then share the report card of previous year.

You will not be able to make changes in the Enquiry form, once submitted. So please be very careful while filling the Enquiry form.

However, if you have entered some incorrect data, please inform the Admission Counsellor about the same in the group counselling session. The details of this Zoom session will be shared once we receive your Enquiry Form.

No, you can just keep this for your records. No submission is required after this.
The PDF copy of the Enquiry Form will be available on your primary Email Id given at the time of Enquiry Form submission.
The date format for all Google documents is linked to the Language setting of your profile, go to your Google Account, select Data and Personalisation, then scroll down and click Language (under General Preferences for the Web), changing it from US English to English Australian changes the date format. More precisely: click the edit symbol (pencil) and type in your Language – tying English gives all the subversions of English. There are many other languages there too.
This issue is caused by Web browser’s cache where browsers store versions of websites as you view them and show them to you in the future instead of downloading the newest version. Once you clear your cache, the browser will stop using the saved version of the site and go grab the newest version, including updates.
Sometimes the PDF containing Email goes into the Spam, Junk or Bulk folder of Mailbox. Please check these folders to get the file (Enquiry form PDF copy). If you are still unable to find it, please contact Admission Team of the respected campus.
We are towards the end of our Admission Season 2021-22. However some seat vacancies may come up by April due to withdrawals. Incase of such vacancies, some lists may come out and we may contact the parent if the child’s name is shortlisted.