The online learning programme at Sanskriti has been ranked the best in Pune by Times of India. We have carefully structured our programme to focus on the social, emotional needs of our children along with the academic plans. Some of the highlights are:

1. Interactive Sessions

  • High degree of student involvement / engagement
  • Regular monitoring of learning progress

2. Regular One on One Sessions between teachers and students

  • Personal Touch and individual attention
  • Feedback taken from students to monitor the efficacy of the online sessions

3. Physical Fitness Sessions

  • The Sports team regularly conducts online physical education classes; This is important to ensure overall morale and health of the students

4. Extra / Co- Curricular Activities

  • Music, art etc are also incorporated in the programme to ensure holistic learning

5. Interaction between students

  • Small group interactions amongst students for ensuring the social needs of children are met

6. Online counseling for safeguarding emotional well being

  • The school counselors engage in counseling sessions for any child undergoing anxiety or facing emotional problems of any kind