Reading can be critical in expanding the horizons of a kid’s knowledge as well as in unleashing their creativity. However, with electronic gadgets, video games and the internet managing to grab a lot of kids’ attention, getting them excited about reading is an extremely daunting task today.
At Sanskriti, we are devoted to imparting the essential reading skills to kids by implementing proven methods to ensure that all kids are able to read accurately and fluidly with good comprehension. This is helping kids to be confident about their reading skills and thereby, encouraging and inspiring them to read everything from books to newspapers, articles, etc.
Here are 4 ways to foster the love of reading in kids and motivating them to read more.

Spark Kids’ Imagination by Reading to them from an Early Age
The best way to cultivate the habit of reading in your kids’ lifestyle is to introduce reading to them at an early age. Reading regularly and aloud to kids from an early age can help in nourishing their imagination and acquainting them with the outer world. This practice can also be crucial to kids in building their early literacy as well as listening skills by making them familiar with the language, sounds, and words.

Stimulate Senses and Encourage Early Development with Interactive Books
Interactive soft books, with soft pages and bold colours, are the perfect way to immerse your kids into the amazing world of books. Some books go a step ahead and apart from having soft colourful pages, also boast of music and lights which makes it even more attractive for the kids. Right from recognising shapes and colours to learning alphabets and numbers, these interactive books assist kids in gaining information through different types of media and thereby, help in imparting the essential sensory, verbal and pre-reading skills to kids.

Promote Reading in Kids by Being Their Reader Role Model
Reading is an essential part of kids’ overall health and well being. To cultivate the habit of reading in kids, it is necessary for them to see their parents reading books, newspapers, magazines, etc regularly and enjoying it. Kids who see their parents enjoy reading are more likely to read for fun themselves. By talking about books or articles that you have read to kids and mentioning the things that you loved in them, you can create a positive impression of reading on the kids.

Develop the Language Skills of Kids by Inspiring Them to Write Their Own Stories
As kids grow a little older and move into elementary school, parents should encourage them to write short stories or rewrite parts from their favourite books in their own words. This helps kids in recognizing different parts of stories and also assists in generating their own ideas and organizing their thoughts. Moreover, the practice of writing also helps kids in gaining a better understanding of grammatical structures and inspires them to read more.