Even though school is called the second home of young children and kids, their home is still their first home, and that’s the very place where their real education takes place. Parents are the first teachers any child ever comes across in his or her life, and this is the most prominent reason why it is not the best option to completely rely on school and school teachers to ensure complete academic growth of the child.

Academic achievement is not always defined by the socioeconomic status that the child earns at the end of his academic education, but by the character that he or she grows into. Parents’ role is vital in a child’s overall development, which indicates the need for maintaining a balance between the education that children get in school and at home.

Here are the 4 important reasons why parents’ contribution plays a vital role in a child’s education.

  • Motivating Children to Establish Positive Relationship with Teachers and Peers

Parents need to encourage their children to enjoy their time in school by conversing positively and enthusiastically with their peers as well as teachers. This can play a very important role in childrens’ willingness to attend school every day. As nobody else is closer to children than their parents, only they can effectively encourage positive bonds between children and their classmates as well as teachers.

  • Encouraging Children to Participate in Extracurricular Activities including Sports

For a child’s overall growth, education and practice in all the other areas along with academics is vital. While children must focus on gaining knowledge about subjects such as science, maths, and English, which really matter to survive in the practical world, they also must understand the art, history, and other cultural aspects of education. Also, sports are among the most important activities that encourage them to ensure good physical health, and thereby, parents need to emphasize the importance of physical education in their childrens’ life.

  • Teaching Children that Education is More Important than Grades and Marks

In the world where students are continually under immense pressure of securing top ranks and high scores in exams, parents need to make them understand what ultimately matters in real life. While academic performance is commonly weighed through exams, it really helps if parents have the clarity about how much grades really weigh over personality development and a child’s wellbeing.

  • Making them Understand the Importance and Relevance of Education in Practical World

Most often, school-going children get confused about the practical importance and usage of many subjects that they learn in school. While science, maths, and English have more obvious importance for a child to survive in the practical world, they do not seem to be convinced about the similar importance of other subjects such as history, geography, and social sciences. It is absolutely vital that parents condition their children to be curious about learning new things and constantly gaining knowledge about everything around us, in order to ensure the overall personality as well as academic development of their children.