One of the most significant periods that witness the remarkable personal growth of individuals is the period of school years. The time spent by students out of their comfort zones is a prominent factor in contributing to that growth.
Sanskriti School has always focused on instilling confidence and equipping students with essential skills to face their fears. We work diligently to help students to push past their comfort zone and seize every opportunity for growth.
Here are 7 steps to overcome fear and push past the confines of your comfort zone.

1. Design an Effective Plan of Action
It is extremely essential to create a step-by-step blueprint, taking into consideration your abilities as well as shortcomings, to push the boundaries of your comfort zone. The blueprint should have objectives or goals, laid out in increasing order of difficulty, that are to be achieved in order to push yourself out of your comfort zone.

2. Stock Up Your Jar of Knowledge
One of the most important reasons for anxiety and fear while discussing something is the lack of information regarding that topic. Educating yourself about the concerned skill or activity gives you immense confidence to talk about it. Being well-versed about a specific topic is necessary as it makes you feel more powerful while discussing it.

3. Hold Yourself Responsible for All Your Actions
Constantly keeping a check over your own performance, tracking your own progress, helps you to be responsible for your success and failure. This is essential because by consistently reviewing your own work and by being brutally honest with yourself even when your performance is not up to the mark, you always push yourself to improve and achieve better results.

4. Tread Slowly Towards the Ultimate Goal
Breaking out of your comfort zone is a gradual process that takes place in small stages over a long period of time. Treading slowly gives you the energy to deal with anxiety in a better way. Taking baby steps helps in steadily but effectively pushing the self-created boundaries of your comfort zone thereby getting closer to the ultimate goal.

5. Vigorously Challenge Your Comfort Zone
By constantly putting yourself in uncomfortable situations, you make yourself accustomed to the anxiety that ensues from these situations. This process is necessary as it makes your system more adaptable to changes and helps you in pushing the limits of your comfort zone.

6. Push Through Your Limits by Staying Optimistic
It is important to realize that not all processes will have positive outcomes and that there will be experiences that will make you feel scared and shake your confidence. At times like this, it is necessary to concentrate only on the process irrespective of the result as it helps in keeping negativity off your mind and ultimately helps in breaking out of your comfort zone.

7. Expand Your Comfort Zone Constantly
Once you achieve your desired goal, it is essential to keep pushing and keep growing. For this, it is necessary to keep discovering new challenges and situations that are outside the confines of your comfort zone. This not only helps you to face your fears in a better way but also helps in expanding the boundaries of your comfort zone.