Technology is advancing across all areas including manufacturing, research, even multiple areas of arts, and education is no exception. Intervention of high-tech tools in the traditional methods of teaching is proving to be a highly effective way to enhance education, today.

Sanskriti school understands the importance of introducing our students to technology at an early age and helping them assess the good and the bad about ever-advancing technologies in the digital age. We, at Sanskriti, have always been diligent about making available all sorts of high-tech education tools for our students, as we believe these tools can positively contribute to their overall growth.

Here are the four ways, we affirm, how technology and digital education can magnify the effectiveness of education every day.

  • Use of AR and VR in Everyday Sessions

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are buzzwords not only for the gaming industry, but are also emerging as the important tools being used for the sole purpose of education. We, at Sanskriti, have equipped our classrooms and labs with AR and VR tools to allow our students to experience new and efficient ways of learning, ultimately to ensure better understanding of the subject. All the tools in our VR labs are technologically advanced, and allowing students to use such e-learning platforms has been helping us positively in improving student engagement throughout the year.

  • Online Webinars to Complement Field Visits

We understand the value of field visits, as they allow our students to physically experience and understand the topic of study and field visit. We frequently arrange visits to factories and operation plants of various businesses to help our students understand how industries work. But with the advent of next-generation technologies, we have begun to subscribe to various online channels that can arrange interesting webinars for our students. Thereby, now we have increased our focus on arranging webinars on various subjects that can complement with our field visits.

  • Involvement of Educators and Parents

While a wide range of digital learning tools are made available for students to enhance their understanding and efficiency of studying a subject, we also encourage our teachers and parents to use such tools to further improve their involvement in students’ growth in the school. High-tech tools enable teachers to plan their lessons and sessions better, while there are some tools that enable parents to closely track their children’s growth throughout the academic year.

  • Boosting Students’ Motivation to Study

Today, each one of us is amazed by how technology has taken a leap, especially children. Evidently, they are very much attracted to advanced gadgets that are integrated with advanced technology, and we want to tap this excitement to improve their involvement in education and learning. We use high-tech learning tools that not only ensure student engagement in everyday sessions but also encourage them to dive deeper into subjects and study them more curiously.