While most of the developing countries are competing with each other to offer the best standards of highest education, most developed nations are going back to improve the quality of their preschool and early childhood education programs. Governments in the leading economies are altering their governing policies to fund education and preschool programmes for children beginning at age 4. Why does the picture look so contrasted with respect to education in developed and developing countries?

Most developed countries have identified the importance of education in the life of a toddler, and the role of early childhood enrichment in childrens’ life. We, at Sanskriti Kids – the Junior Wing of Sanskriti School (which is the largest day school campus in Pune), firmly believe in the fact that children must be nurtured by understanding their development needs at such a delicate stage. Taking this into consideration, Sanskriti Kids offers early childhood education and enrichment programmes for the preschool age group of children.

While Sanskriti Kids has been offering preschool programmes since its inception, we have modified some of our early childhood education programmes based on today’s new generation’s needs. We, at Sanskriti Kids, offer some specialised early childhood and preschool enrichment programs. Here are some of our specialised programs:

Most Advanced Early Childhood Center

The early childhood education or preschool education center at Sanskriti Kids is well-equipped wil various games, activity areas, and more spacious play areas. We believe in nurturing these young children by taking care of their true self and letting them develop their own character. Our most advanced early childhood centers are set in a way for young children to enjoy their time here, befriend other children, and be a part of various development activities.

Best Hygiene Encouragement Programme

When taught at a young age, children are more likely to inculcate good habits that last lifelong. We are extremely diligent about how we maintain hygiene and cleanliness at our preschool activity centers. We make sure to teach these kids how they can practice good hygiene, personal hygiene, and environmental cleanliness for the safety of their own as well as other children surrounding them.

Safety and Security Measures

Children, once they enter the premises of Sanskriti Children, they are absolutely in safe hands. We take utmost care that children are only exposed to safe and secure environments when they are with us. Our teachers are well-trained in teaching these young children to spot any threat to their safety, personal as well as sexual. While we encourage children to not be bound or scared when they want to run around and play in the play area, we are constantly alert and keep a close eye on each one of their safety and security.

Excellent Student-Teacher Ratio

This is one of the main reasons why we are able to maintain the highest level of safety and security of young children and toddlers that join Sanskriti Kids. We have an excellent student-teacher ratio, especially in our early childhood education and preschool development program. While we ensure that each child is safe and secure, our teachers also make sure that each one of them is participating in our uniquely designed preschool activities. The well-maintained student-teacher ratio at Sanskriti Kids has helped us ensure positive development of each toddler in our early childhood enrichment programs.