As students are confined to their homes amid the COVID-19 outbreak, learning has rapidly transformed from blackboards to digital screens. While education is important, students must also be encouraged to pursue their hobbies and take up new activities to develop new skills during this period.
Sanskriti School goes past the confines of books and also provides various essential skills to students even during this difficult situation. We, at Sanskriti, are diligently working to make sure that students stay focused and not get affected by the changing methods and technologies in education.

4 C’s That Can Empower Students To Achieve Almost Everything
In today’s uncertain times, students need to develop certain skills that assist them to be more innovative & productive and thus, help them to stay competitive.
These skills are –
Critical Thinking
By working through problems & solving puzzles, students can develop critical thinking which can help them to separate facts from opinions and can empower them to have an independent and purposeful thought.
Students must be encouraged to think out of the box and come up with multiple solutions to a single problem. This can widen the horizons of their understanding and enable them to look at a problem from different perspectives.
By working in teams, students can learn to respect every opinion and thought. Also, it can teach them to gain value, even from differing or opposing ideas.
Group discussions can teach students good communication skills. This can help them to communicate effectively by clearly conveying their idea without losing the point.

How Literacy Skills Can Help Students to Excel in Today’s Digital World
A vast amount of information of varying quality and in multiple formats is easily accessible today. With information literacy, students can exploit this huge amount of information to retrieve and use this information effectively. Students can also upgrade their digital knowledge and be educated about the various tools & technologies that are making our lives easier, especially now.
With the right skills, students will be able to identify credible sources when consuming information through any media sources. This way, literacy skills can encourage students to assess and evaluate any piece of information or media that they come across, which can further help them to be well-informed about a lot of information and current events.

Now is The Perfect Time For Students to Imbibe Essential Life-Skills
While many parents are concerned about the academics of their children in the present scenario, this can be the perfect time for students to learn essential life skills. By taking responsibility for a few household activities such as doing laundry or washing dishes, children can learn new skills, thereby putting their time and energy to good use.
Asking children to do regular tasks in different ways or switching the order of their activities can help them to be adaptable to changes and open to new ideas. Parents must encourage children to make small decisions at home and also teach them to weigh the pros and cons before making any decision. This will not only impart leadership and decision-making skills but also instil a sense of responsibility and accomplishment in children.