The School’s initiative of taking education online has been one of the most impressive things Sanskriti has done so far.

My kids are learnting so many new things, apart from their academics, during this lockdown period. I am glad they have been more productive than I could have ever imagined.

We never thought online teaching and learning could be so effective, before Sanskriti launched its innovative e-learning platform.

My children have been stuck to the screen during this lockdown, but for the first time we are not scolding them for doing so.

These were the reactions of parents amidst the complete nation-wide lockdown, which was anticipated to shaken the entire education system. When there were multiple reasons to fret about children’s academic growth, Sanskriti’s quick solution to this situation has turned despair into hope.

The deadly coronavirus hit the country and its first impact was seen on the education system; schools were immediately shut down across the country. Though the scenario was frightening, it also gave us a lot to unlearn and learn in order to protect our children’s future.

At Sanskriti, we understand the importance of education, which is one of the most important weapons that can change the world, and we left no stone unturned in our efforts in ensuring uninterrupted education for our students.

Our founder Ms Devyani Mungali was able to foresee the way this situation could get worse, and consequently, she took prompt action in resorting to digital modes of learning to continue offering the best education to our students. She conceptualized a digital tool of education and this marked the advent of Sanskriti’s e-learning platform – My Pace My Space. This is a unique initiative by Sanskriti Schools where all the educational content can be shared with the students so that they can consume it at their speed.

Our team of tech experts could develop this portal within the span of 10 days, under the guidance of our founder. My Pace My Space is well integrated with next-generation technology features to conduct a wide range of education as well as awareness activities for our students. Through this e-learning platform, we could go beyond the boundaries of traditional teaching and learning methods, and set up a new process of educational development.

Though this initiative by Sanskriti Schools is not a replacement for traditional education that we offer in school, we could experiment with our teaching methods, interesting fun activities, and numerous health awareness programmes to make our students independent and confident enough to take care of themselves during this pandemic.

Sanskriti has always believed that education is everyone’s passport to the future, and the process should not be restricted to any one particular mode, just because it has been widely accepted by us for years. Our students’ growth and future is our topmost priority, and we will continue to direct our efforts to reach our goals, no matter what comes our way!