Dear Parents

Even though there are no reported cases in Maharashtra, we have been carefully tracking all the news reports and the developments around the Coronavirus spread. We have taken a number of precautionary measures as student safety is most important for us.

Precautionary Steps taken by the school

  1. School Nurses have already undergone a Special training for precautionary measures to be taken as far as Coranavirus spread is concerned. Apart from this training, they have been provided high grade masks for themselves as well as a large quantity of extra masks are stocked in the school, if the need ever arises.
  2. The class teachers have been requested to be vigilant in the cases and instances of any child having flu like symptoms.
  3. We are in the process of preparing a training plan for our non teaching staff (especially the Tais) about what measures they can take to be better prepared.
  4. We are also in the process of planning some interactions with our students to help increase the awareness and the preventive measures they can take.

Help needed from the parents

As you have always experienced, we leave no stone unturned in taking the best possible measures to safeguard our students health, however we cannot do this alone and need the equal involvement of our parent community.

Recommended below are some of such important steps:

    • If your child displays symptoms of sore throat, flu etc, please do not send the child to school. We will ensure that there is no loss on the academic front for the child. Please do not be worried in such cases about academics; it is our responsibility as a school to help the child cover up anything that the child may have missed in class.
  • If the situation arises then please make a visit to the doctor to be careful as the symptoms are very similar to the regular flu.
  • Please encourage children to regularly wash their hands with a good quality liquid soap.

Of the measures that parents can take the most important one (not just in this case but as a general practice) is to please not send the child to the school if the child is sick. This is important for the wellbeing and health of all our students. We request for vigilant co-operation on this front.

We would like you to be assured that we will carefully track the situation and will take additional measures if the need so arise. As always, the health of our students is an area where there can be no compromises.